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PAT Testing

PAT Testing, or Portable Appliance Testing, must be undertaken in order for companies to fully comply with the Electricity At Work Regulations. Testing is required because during everyday use electrical appliances can become worn or damaged.

This can result in appliances becoming unsafe so a proper maintenance schedule is essential for businesses. PAT Testing, as carried out by Coventry PAT Testing LTD, is therefore a documented method of electrical maintenance which companies are required to undertake on all their portable appliances.


What Is A Portable Appliance?

Quite simply, a portable appliance is any piece of electrical equipment that can be moved from area to another and reconnected to the supply via a plug and socket system.


Why Do We Need PAT Testing?

The most important reasons for carrying out Portable Appliance Testing are:

  • To comply with the Electricity At Work Regulations
  • Risk of fire and injury due to faulty electrical equipment is minimised
  • Insurance companies cannot dispute claims for damage through fire because of insufficient electrical maintenance
  • The ISO 9000 Quality Assurance Standard requires all companies to comply with the Health and Safety requirements, portable appliance testing as provided by Coventry PAT Testing LTD, is required to comply with this standard.


How Often Is PAT Testing Carried Out?

This depends on the workplace environment and the equipment to be tested. but is generally every 12 months however, a power drill on a building site where wear and tear is greater, the period between tests should be more frequent. We are more than happy to assist companies in choosing the correct periods between testing.


What Is The PAT Testing Procedure?

We will perform a number of tests on each appliance such as:

  • Full visual inspection

  • Insulation test

  • Earth continuity test

  • Earth leakage test

A certificate is then produced for your files indicating the results of the individual tests. Each item will have it's own label and unique ID. This will ensure that the item can be tracked and provides a clear indication of its pass / fail status. Once the testing is complete you will receive two copies of your certification paperwork through e-mail and by post for your convenience and we aim to do this on the same day. If required, it can also be sent on a CD at an extra cost.

Our engineers are fully trained and comply with the new IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology) 4th Edition code of practice for In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment. This code of practice promotes a risk-based approach when assessing the safety of your electrical appliances and will help the users, those responsible for the equipment and the testers of the equipment to maintain a high level of safety.


Does Testing Disrupt The Workplace?

At Coventry PAT Testing LTD, we pride ourselves on having a well trained and organised staff, ensuring that any potential downtime for our clients is kept to an absolute minimum. We will also work outside office hours if required.


How Much Does This Cost?

We endeavour to ensure all our clients receive the best and most competitively priced PAT Testing available in the UK.

Our price structure is very simple;

Our minimum charge is just £40.00 which covers up to the first 30 items.
It is then £1.20 per item up to 100 items,
For over 100 items it is 99p per item,
If you have a higher number of items please call or email for a free competitive quote.

There are no hidden extras and we do not charge VAT.
These prices are dependant on being given free and easy access.
We reserve the right to charge for our time if we have to wait unduly or if the appliance is difficult to access.


  • It applies to all equipment covered by the regulations, whether rated as portable or stationary.
  • A label will be attached indicating whether the equipment passed or failed the tests.
  • If an item fails, unlike many companies we do not cut off the plugs to the appliance. We simply remove the item and let the responsible person know.
  • FREE replacement of damaged or incorrectly rated fuses.
  • FREE repair of a faulty or incorrect connections in the mains plug or power connector.
  • FREE quotation for other repairs on request.
  • FREE minor repairs requiring no parts
  • FREE portable appliance test after all repairs.
  • Portable appliance Test Report included.
  • Portable appliance Certificate of Testing included.



Coventry PAT Testing LTD

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